Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona


It's not just about "ceding space." It isn't enough. Those coming from places of privilege have to give up a lot so that others can get ahead. We need more than allyship. We need to actively give People of Colour the space they need. 


ideas and moving forward

We need to actively work together to make the world a better place. We all have a place as citizens to take responsibility and actively work towards solutions to change things for the best. 

empowering and educating through design 

Kindness and Compassion.

Our education, both through our academic institutions and on our own, needs to be thorough and come from a place of action and recognition. 

speaking out

We need to take the time to educate ourselves and recognize a lot about ourselves and recognize our privilege. But, that isn't enough. We need to take action, by speaking out, advocating for others, and going out of our way to lift others up.